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The collars arrived right away which was amazing, then I actually got to use them and I'm blown away. I've actually kept them in my car to show friends because they're more than I could've imagined.  Your product it amazing and it actually makes the weight and bar feel like one solid piece because the plates are locked so tightly into place. Thank you very much for making lifting more efficient time wise and also much safer.
Steve Topor, Baltimore, MD

I bought these several months ago and I couldn’t be happier. They hold the bar tight, do not allow the plates to slip, and are super fast to put on and take off. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good Olympic bar collar!
Michael Blair, Dayton, OH

I've owned a set of these for many years. I took them to the gym when I went and now that I have a nice ($12,000) gym in my basement I continue to use them. I workout fairly heavy with a Texas power bar(400+ on the bar isn't uncommon). The collars fit great and keep the weight secure. I've dropped 500 or so deadlifts and the collars do move but they've never slid while weight was in my hands or on my back! During multiple deadlifts with 400+ on the bar the collars loosen slightly but not enough that I break out the metal collars I have that dig into my bar and gouge it (when metal collars let go they let go all at once and without warning, these collars slide slowly). These collars are so easy to use that my 2 year old fastens them for me!
Ron Wolfe,  San Antonio, TX

I'm a personal trainer, so I spend 6-10 hours in a gym everyday... believe me, this is one of the coolest products I've ever used! These collars blow the old spring collars out of the water. They are so easy to use - you can do it with one finger. They are secure enough that deadlifting 325 I don't feel the weight move 1mm. I just love them.
J. Barome, SF, CA

I have some spring clip style barbell collars that are a pain to use, so much so that I know I workout less simply because of how hard it is to change the weights on my Olympic bar. So, when I saw this lockjaw product I was excited but a little hesitant due to the price. I was also hesitant because of a comment from another reviewer that said these would not easily fit a 2" collar, despite the product info saying it would, but I decided to make the purchase anyways. I'm glad I did.
Scott Denton, Missoula, MT

I have all kinds of collars that I use and these are by far my most favorite. I have the 5 lb screw on collars, heavy spring collars, light spring collars and these. The Lock-Jaw collars are the easiest and most effective out of the bunch. They fit across all of my olympic bars (some more snug than others, but even the loose ones aren't loose enough for the weights to budge them) and are of excellent durability. I've tossed them all over my garage and they're not even scratched. The secret to their 'grab' is the interior diameter has a rubberized center that grabs the bar when closed, keeping them right where you want them. They are pricey, but I don't expect to ever need to buy a replacement. Worse yet, I'm buying another pair so I can lock my bar and my kids' so we can lift at the same time. Dad has to show safety instead of just preach it, after all.
Paul Smitts, Los Angeles, Ca

Of all the current barbell collars out on the market, these Lock-Jaw collars have to be some of the best designed. The compression locking mechanism is strong enough to easily support 3- 45-pound plates on end with a barbell held vertical (although not recommended to use this way). It only takes a second to flip from locked to unlocked position, allowing for quick weight changes. They are lightweight and compact making it easy to keep in your gym bag. A perfect upgrade from spring collars. Don't worry about other reviews saying these will break on you. You can also get new replacement parts such as pads and fasteners. Not many other brands carry any type of warranty.

Besides the Eleiko, OkieGrip, and York collars (expensive, heavy, and bulky), and the screw-down style of Proloc, Ivanko, and Bulldog collars (takes time to put on and take off properly), these LockJaw brand collars are a great value for the quality, design, and performance.
Rod Nakahata, Honolulu, HI

I have a Cap Olympic bar which measures just less than 2" in diameter. The first time you put the Lock-Jaw collar on you have to use a little force to slide it on and then clamp it shut. When you do that it seems to "set" the collar at the right size and then is easy to remove, put back on, and clamp.
It does clamp tight but that is what is needed to hold the weights secure. These seem to be heavy duty and much more convenient than the spring clamps. Will do a follow-up review in a few months as some users had problems with the collars breaking after a while. Their web site indicates a limited lifetime warranty in normal use.
I'm very happy with the fit and construction.
Frank Mortenson, NY

I bought this to use with my new Texas Power Bar (from Elite FTS). At first I was a little worried that it might be too big or too small, but it's the perfect size for this bar. Works like a charm. Makes loading and unloading plates super easy.

I used to use cheap spring clips, but those things were painful to use and make an awful, grating sound and feel as you slide it against the grooves at the end of a barbell. These lock jaw collars don't make any sound going on, because they're not scraping against anything.

They do require a little bit of force to close them up once you have them in place on the bar. But it's not too bad. And hey, you're lifting weights anyway, so might as well work on your finger strength, eh?

When you release the lock, one thing I dreaded was it popping out smacking my fingers like being hit with a wooden ruler or something for being bad. Well I'm happy to report that it doesn't do that at all. Your fingers are perfectly safe.

As for their strength, I've placed a couple hundred pounds of weights on one end of the barbell, and the lock-jaw collar held just fine even when I positioned the bar on the floor and raised it into a vertical position and shook it. This collar is solid. I doubt my spring clips would have been able to do that without the plates sliding down. Not that it needs to be that strong, mind you, since you'll never do that with your bar in practice.

The build quality is very good also. It's made of thick, strong plastic. Some people said theirs broke, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure how. They feel really strong. I'll report back if that ever happens to me.

Anyway, I'll be buying two more pairs for my dumbbell bars as well. I've already tried them out on one of my dumbbell bars, and it worked just fine with them (and they don't have the grooves at the ends of the bar like most barbells do).

Highly recommended!
Steven Weigand "The Weiganator" Austin, TX

Dylan - I just received a pair of your Lock Jaw One collars and they are great. My son and I have been frustrated with the spring and screw type of collars and I found your design and just had to say great design.
Rand Aksamit, Denver, CO

Lock-Jaw Collars lengthen the life of your bumper plates. These collars help keep your plates tight and alleviate excess wear to your inserts. 
Sherman, Owner - Quest Gym

HI Dylan....the Lock-Jaws arrived today...GREAT PRODUCT..!!! Very happy! Will be ordering two more pair probably early next week. Thank you so much!
Bill Emerson

I picked up a pair of the Lock-Jaw Pro (#LJC-PRO) at the Club Industry Show in Chicago from the guys at Hampton Products. I'm very impressed with this collar system and it will work well with our application.
Dan Pfitzer, Personal Trainer

Finally – a collar that my entire Crossfit class can install quickly and without any hassle! Why didn’t I find these sooner!
Rebecca, Crossfit Gym Owner

The Red Lock-Jaws are really great for use in my High School weight room as I can see that my students are using them from across the room.
Jerry Snell, High School Coach

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