Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars owns various United States, European, and Chinese Patents and Trademarks.

Trademarks and Patents include and are not limited to:

US Design and Utility Patents:  D780860, D764608, D780861, US7513856B2, D941408S

US Trademarks: Lock-Jaw, Lock-Jaw Collar, Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar, Lock-Jaw PRO, Lock-Jaw HEX, Lock-Jaw Metal, Lock-Jaw One, Lock-Jaw Elite, Lock-Jaw Flex, Lock-Jaw Flex.

Multiple international patents and trademarks.

We are aware that there are fake, counterfeit, or imitation collars in circulation to exploit the worldwide success of the Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar brand and product.

Many of these counterfeit and knock-off sellers are listing product at retail locations, Amazon, Ebay, and other third party online sellers at reduced prices and diminished quality. 

Unless you are buying from a seller listed as an Authorized Lock-Jaw Collar Dealers or directly from this site, you likely will be buying an inferior counterfeit product.  If you're unsure, please contact us at

While the knockoffs may appear to have the same qualities of the  genuine Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar, they do not.  Characteristics of knockoffs include, but are not limited to:

INFERIOR MATERIALS.  Fake collars are made with poor quality recycled materials which stretch and become useless quickly.  Pads on knock-offs are typically cheap injection molded vinyl vs. the virgin rubber of the genuine product.

COMPROMISED DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION.  Product tolerances and engineering of the counterfeit collars are inferior to genuine Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar.  This means the collars wear out, fail quickly, have weak clamping force, and are UNSAFE.

NO TESTING.  Counterfeit collars are not tested.  Conversely, all Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars undergo a lengthy and thorough battery of tests which ensure the genuine product is of the highest quality and performance. 

NO WARRANTY.  Warranties will not be honored for counterfeit product or purchases originating from an unauthorized dealer.  

Avus Design LP, parent company of Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars, proactively defends its patents and trademarks.  Manufacturers, dealers and sellers who are found to sell knockoffs are subject to legal action.  Warranties will not be honored for purchases originating from an unauthorized dealer.  If you suspect a company or competitor is selling or distributing fake collars at retail or online, please let us know and we will take appropriate and immediate action under strict confidentiality.  Please contact: