Lock-Jaw Labs - Barbell Collar Testing

Barbell collars play a critical role in safe weightlifting, reducing the chance for injury while increasing the life of your plates and bars. It is important to know the collars you choose will keep your plates secure during your workouts.  Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar is committed to offering the highest quality barbell collars available.  Safety, quality, and performance are of utmost concern when developing and testing all genuine Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars.


Lock-Jaw Labs cyclic open / close test


In the Lock-Jaw Labs we have developed five primary testing procedures for genuine Lock-Jaw Barbell collars to ensure they meet our stringent criteria:


Cyclic Drop:  Barbells undergo many thousands of drops from overhead each year.  We simulate how the barbell collar responds to to multiple impacts, and ensures the collar doesn’t pop open during use.  Collar is secured to a 50mm bar with varying amounts of bumper plate weights and is dropped repeatedly from a height of 9 feet.

Lock-Jaw Labs cyclic drop test



Cyclic Open / Close: It takes a long time to use your collars 10,000+ times, but we are able to do this in a few hours. Testing cycles of opening and closing clamp force ensures barbell clamp do not stretch or become compromised after high volumes of use.

Lock-Jaw Labs cyclic open / close test


Clamp Force:  Just like it sounds, this test measures the actual clamping force of collars with a custom compression load cell and digital readout testing device.

Lock-Jaw Labs clamp force test 


Gantry Drop:  This one is the most fun. Barbell collars are attached to an Olympic bar with A LOT of bumper plates and dropped from a 8’ up.  To make the test even more destructive, we angle the bar at 20-degrees to produce sheer loading of the collars. This reflects the most real world environment for testing as bar and plates are dropped at various angles and heights.

Lock-Jaw Labs gantry


Static Slip:  The coefficient of friction is measured by forcing the collar to slip on a 50mm bar. This is more scientific and capable of loads over 1000lb, which can’t be done in the gym!

Lock-Jaw Labs static slip test

There are a large number of barbell collars of varying quality and price available on the market.  You can be assured all Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars are developed and tested to perform at the highest level.  Don’t compromise your safety and performance by settling on subpar equipment.  Instead trust genuine Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars.

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